The CO• 2016

Above: Highlights from The CO• 2016 STEM to STEAM Symposium, reception, and the 3rd annual Maker Fair. 

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to all of the wonderful exhibitors who helped to make The CO• 2016 a huge success. After all, what would a Maker Fair be without a bunch of makers?! Thank you for dedicating your time and talents and we hope to see you at The CO• 2017!

Dan Coyle • Dan Coyle, LLC
Yuji Hiratsuka • OSU College of Liberal Arts
Michael Town • Lakeside School
Pi Dads
HP and HP Makerspace
Art and Social Justice Living Learning Community
Travis Bell • Portland State University Architecture
OSU Oceanography Fab Shop
OSU Craft Center
Michael Boonstra • OSU College of Liberal Arts
Wood Anatomy • OSU Wood Science and Engineering
Jeremy Colson • Wavelength References, Inc.
Korey Jackson and Kelly McElroy • OSU Valley Library
Anna Fidler • OSU College of Liberal Arts
Albany Makers Club
Tom Saksa • Electrical Engineer
PRISM • OSU Orange Media Network
mLAB • OSU Robotics
OSU STEM Academy
Bricks 4 Kidz
Orange Media Network
Sunstone Ciruits
ArtWorks • Collaborative Employment Innovations
Nick Martinelli • The Foundry
Reed Lacey •  Kinetics
OSU Ecampus
Ken Olsen
Precollege Programs
Solid Fuel Studios
Music Production Collective
Amy Hunter • Corvallis Community Access Television (CCAT)
Jeremy Smith
Da Vinci Days
NuScale Power
Adventure Leadership Institute

Are you a maker, a tinkerer, an artist, a builder, an engineer, a craftsmen, an educator, a student, an innovator, a(n) _______? Want to join us at The CO• 2017? Send us an e-mail at