Why “The CO•” ?

The CO is both a prefix for related words (such as collaborate, co-design, co-create) as well as a concept: The CO is the beginning. It is the start of a larger conversation around the educational, socioeconomic, and cultural benefits of hands-on learning. The CO is the gateway for anyone in the Willamette Valley who is interested in learning more about the power of making. We plan and support the annual Corvallis Maker Fair, but we are also passionate about designing and delivering related events and opportunities for students, faculty and community members.

The CO began as a small consortium of faculty and staff members from Oregon State University who are interested in maker culture. The group quickly grew to include students from across the OSU campus in addition to community members from the greater Corvallis area. The group of like-minded makers were compelled to plan an event which connected seemingly disparate groups throughout the region over common values: empowerment through making. As the group continued to convene, interest continued to grow. Soon the cohort conspired to bring making culture to all counties across Oregon.