You + The CO•

At it’s core, The CO is a collaborative, community endeavor. In order to succeed, The CO• needs your help as we work towards achieving our goals. 

The goals of The CO :

  1. To inculcate an inclusive culture that knocks down town/gown, socioeconomic, gender, and cultural barriers as well as disciplinary and departmental firewalls, offering instead a collaborative model.
  2. To develop a network among maker-inclined groups both on campus and off.
  3. To provide examples and outlets for hands-on learning for our faculty and students.
  4. To create a strong example of a “maker campus” as a proof of concept for fundraising/grant writing.
  5. To position OSU as a leader in Oregon and around the U.S. in the academic and engagement values of “making”.
  6. To explore the role of scholarship and research (across the disciplines) about hands-on learning and teaching.