The CO• 2017

The CO Event Banner: To Tinker is to Study. To Fail is to be Human. To Make is to Empower.

At The CO· we’re bringing together makers from across the OSU campus, Corvallis, and the whole state of Oregon to celebrate and share their methods for hands-on, interactive learning. Join us for our 2017 events!

April 14th: SEA Through the Eyes of an Artist

Furman Hall, 9am – 7pm

Plan Your Visit: Detailed Information and Schedule

In collaboration with The CO· Maker Fair and SPARK: A Year of Arts + Science @ OSU, the College of Education offers a day of arts and science activities. Throughout the day, there will be hands-on learning for K-12 students, OSU, and the Corvallis community, as well as a keynote and happy hour to explore the interplay of arts and science. Activities will be offered at OSU’s Joyce Collin Furman Hall and The Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

Friday, April 14th is also Bring Your Kids to Campus Day! Registration opens March 29th.

If you’re interested in running an activity at SEA, register your activity with the organizers.

April 15th: The CO· Maker Fair

Memorial Union Ballroom & Student Experience Center Plaza, 10am – 3pm

Plan Your Visit: Detailed Information

OSU will host the fourth annual CO• Maker Fair, an event which honors craftsmanship and technology by bringing together makers who will share their knowledge, skills, and resources with the OSU, Corvallis, and Oregon communities. The CO•, a campus-community partnership, offers the OSU community and the general public the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and create in addition to providing a forum for research and teaching the value of hands-on learning in K-12 classrooms and beyond.

Visitors to The CO• can talk to experts in the arts, crafts, technology, and sciences and leave with unique souvenirs such as Michael Boonstra’s laser-etched cedar selfies. Exhibitors include HP and the HP Makerspace, the OSU DAMLab, ChickTech, DaVinci Days, Viking Mars Mission Makers, Gearbox, Corvallis Geek Olympics, and Pi Dads, and dozens more. Check out our growing list of confirmed exhibitors or apply to be an exhibitor.